Rockabilly, Americana, roots rock… call it what you like. But to Lee Rocker, it’s all just rock and roll.

Since 1980, Lee Rocker has been one of the most successful and acclaimed proponents of Americana/rockabilly music. As a founding member of the Stray Cats, Lee Rocker’s unique image and upright bass helped propel the Stray Cats to world wide acclaim. In 1982, the Stray Cats were nominated for a Grammy, featured on the cover of Rolling Stone, and appeared all over the new sensation known as MTV.

The singles “Rock this Town,” “Stray Cat Strut” and “Runaway Boys” all landed in the Top 10 in Europe and in the U.S. The American-released album “Built for Speed” occupied the number-two spot on the Billboard Album Chart for 26 weeks. Throughout the 1980s, the Stray Cats not only made their mark with the fans but also with their fellow musicians.
Throughout the late ‘80s and ‘90s, the Cats recorded four more albums and continued to tour internationally. This truly cemented Rocker’s reputation as a world-premier  bass man and led to Lee performing or recording with such legends as Carl Perkins, Dave Edmunds, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Jeff Beck, John Fogerty, Willie Nelson and many others. In the 2000’s Rocker  teamed up with the groundbreaking hall-of-fame guitarist Scotty Moore  (Elvis’ guitar man)— recording and touring the U.S. together.

After the Stray Cats split in the early 90’s Rocker started his solo musical journey by recording „Lee Rocker’s Big Blue“. Lee headed to Memphis Tennessee where rockabilly and blue were born. Rocker’s band mates were ace guitarist Mike Elderd and drummer Hank Deluxe, both California based blues rockers. Lee recruited the cream of the crop players in Memphis and was joined on the album by Elvis alumni – Scotty Moore and The Memphis Horns, Wayne Jackson and Andrew Love.

Rocker rolled on to Austin Texas for his next recording, „Atomic Boogie Hour“,  continuing on with Big Blue.This C.D. was recorded at Willie Nelson’s studio and Lee had the Memphis horns return again to add there legendary sounds to this more R&B styled record.

„No Cats“ followed and really broke the mold in terms of being a truely  new sound. Much of this record blended rockabilly roots with a pop sensibility and has its own unique style. The critic’s praised „No Cats“ and this helped solidify Rocker’s standing as a solo artist. Many different musicians came in to write and/or record with Lee including Leon Russel, Elliot Easton of The Cars.

Rocker toured often and started to record some of his Live concerts. An intimate L.A. concert was used for the Live record titled, „Blue Suede Night, Live Rockabilly“. Lee’s rock hard band at this time was Brophy Dale on guitar, Adrian Demain on guitar and Jimmy Sage on drums.

Next was „Bulletproof“, recorded in southern California in 2001. Ace musicians Brophy Dale, Jimmy Sage and Tara Novick joined Lee for months of recording as well as the last few years of touring. The track Blue Suede Night ( a personal tribute to Carl Perkins) is here on this newest record along with the video.The film starts with a small section of a  recording of Carl Perkins singing „turn around“ from his last concert before his death. The hot chick in the bar is Lee’s wife Deborah.

And now 2005 the legendary LEE ROCKER comes back with a brand NEW Studio album. After the phenomenal STRAY CATS tour in 2004, Lee went into the Studio to record 11 tracks of amazing, new rockabilly tunes plus a wonderful re-recording of the STRAY CAT’S “Rock This Town”.

Burnin' Love

Burnin' Love