As the female voice of Gregorian, Amelia Brightman enchants over 3 million fans all over the world. Together they have been touring for more than 20 years and selling over 10 million records. Their original sound, a mix of Gregorian chants and rock-/pop music, made them world famous.

This is not just thanks to Amelia’s extraordinary voice but also her brilliant song writing, including “Moment of Peace” – one of the greatest hits the Gregorian had. The younger sister of Sarah Brightman is going on her first solo tour ever in October 2017 – together with a 5 piece band she is performing songs of her  debut album “The Fairest Of The Seasons” (Hypertension-Music, Release: 18.08.2017).

On this record Amelia Brightman lightly combines a fascinating mixture of pop, classic rock and folk. Her version of Enya´s “Now We Are Free” taken from the Blockbuster Gladiator underlines her extraordinary music talent. Also her top-class self-composed songs like “Fly” or “Confide In Me” are perfect for her angelic voice. Songs like “Are You Crying”, her English version of the German song “Weinst du” originally sung by ECHT and a massive No1 hit in Germany, and “Fix You”, her version of the Coldplay hit, show her massive range of talent.

Despite the many different genres all songs are connected in a very smooth way – shaped by Amelia Brightmans voice. Especially her version of “The Fairest Of The Seasons” is a wonderful mix consisting of her voice and a string quartet that give the Jackson Browne song a special soft touch.

Melody, mystic, celtic roots and lyrics, sometimes soft, then rhythmic and dynamic – that’s what makes this album so special. Amelia Brightmans diversity seems to be unlimited and you can feel her confidence gained by 20 years on stage with Gregorian. There is no reason to hide behind big names like Enya or her sister Sarah Brightman.

It was about time for her first Soloalbum and her first Solotour!  Amelia Brightman – will be a  name to remember.  


The Fairest Of The Seasons

The Fairest Of The Seasons